👋 Hello,

How on Earth could I possibly write an original 'about-page'? I could start with my name, what I do for a living or what my interests are. But I reckon not a lot of people are actually going to read this, so I will just provide you with the beats of my story. That way I can quickly finish this page and move forward with actual content. You are welcome.

My work

I am working as a digital designer in the Netherlands. I am facilitating, developing, and advising the internal and external (digital) interactions of a large Day-care.

In not-so-big words: I make digital 'things' that make people happy. Happy because the digital experiences I create, don't lose the problems they are meant to solve out of sight. And to be frank, they look and feel good too.

My education

I studied 'Communication and Multimedia Design' (CMD) at the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences. While studying there, I started working part-time at the organization I work fulltime for now.

In year 3, I followed an internship at a digital development studio in Rotterdam. I learned a unthinkable amount of best-practices during those 3 months. If you guys are, for some weird reason, reading this, thank you again!

I followed a minor in 'Urban Interaction Design' in which myself and 3 friends had to design a way to form effective communication between the stakeholders of a rundown shopping street. There was little need for a digital solution. The street was our touchpoint. The only thing that kept bringing the people of the street together.

Last but (maybe) not least. Two times I ended 1st place in a 'Battle of Concepts'. Large Dutch companies offered prize money in exchange for concepts solving one of their cases. My concept 'solved' a case for Nationale Nederlanden and the concept of my girlfriend and I set an innovative path for Connexxion.

And other things...

I think this about sums it up. I have a lot more to talk about, but I will save those stories for their own posts. I am still new to this blogging-thing and now I must think about a nice way of ending this page. Hmm. Oh, well. Here is my dog, Puk.

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