My graduation project at the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences involved the concept creation of Pax. I graduated with the project, scoring a 8,2.

Pax is a virtual cat containing all sorts of fun projects for children 8 years and up to introduce them to the world of media creation. This concept is designed specifically for the after-school daycare of Kinderopvang Mundo. Mundo stimulates working together, adventure and creativity to enable children to learn by experiencing.

A (Dutch) video explaining the concept.

Who is Pax for?

Today, children are “digital natives”. They are growing up in a world with a massive amount of information available 24/7. As a caretaker, it is your job to teach kids how to cope with this new way of communicating. What sources are really to be trusted? How do I find the information I need? How does my information reach my intended receiver?

“Media literacy” is the term used for these skills. Today, schools are eager to stimulate these skills by using a lot of different teaching methods. However, these teaching methods are meant for the classroom and do not always connect with the world that children live in. Pax does.

What does Pax do?

Pax offers children the opportunity to tackle big media creation projects step by step. Projects like making a movie, music album or comic book. These are all forms of media already present in the world children live in. By making these types of content yourself, you are training the skills needed to consciously consume and use media.

How does it work?

However, projects like making a movie are huge. By splitting a big project in many different activities, the scope fits the short time available in after-school daycare. Working as a team is also encouraged this way and children discover all the assets needed to make a media production. Every activity (or mission) helps realizing the end product. Drawing a storyboard may not be digital; it still plays a big part in making a successful film. When the drawing does not clearly communicate if the actor is walking or running, the end result will differ.

Pax provides the technical knowledge needed to realize these big projects on the after-school daycare. Children learn by creatively communicating with media.

Want to know more?

The complete project is documented, including the whole design proces. It is a long read and not publicly available. Want to know more? Get in touch.